Your feet are the foundation of your life! Mateusz Jasiński – Jasny Punkt


On what do you stand, human? On feet!



Your feet are the foundation of your life – seemingly obvious and trivial, yet the people of the 21st century, despite societal progress, are increasingly disconnected from their bodies (themselves) and nature. When we stand, our feet become the foundation of our body. If any part of the foot is mechanically dysfunctional, it will have a domino effect – from the feet upward. Through wearing narrow shoes that restrict the natural movement of the foot and lack of movement challenges (walking on flat, monotonous surfaces), our feet become weaker, and more and more people experience injuries or pain. Dormant and lazy feet lead to… a dormant body!
Do you want to take care of your health holistically in a simple and effective way? Start with your feet! Grounding (walking barefoot) and practicing on Acupres Boards are phenomenal tools to support your health not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual-mental level! I guarantee you that just a few seconds on Acupres Boards will immediately bring you back to the mystical “here and now,” and even the most persistent thoughts will dissipate faster than they came. Let’s look at it purely down-to-earth…
Did you know that one-fourth of the bones in your body are in your feet? The foot has a very complex structure – it consists of 26 bones, 21 muscles, 33 joints, over 100 tendons, and clustered molecules at the ends of nerve fibers (of which there are about 72,000 in each foot) that are connected to the brain and thus to other parts of the body.
As you can see, the feet are full of nerve endings that create an important sensory feedback loop connecting the brain to the feet and the rest of the body. Maintaining this system is the foundation of a healthy and balanced system of our perfect body. The significance of feet in the context of human health was well understood by the Chinese. The first mentions of reflexology date back to around 5000 BC. Reflexology is often associated with Chinese meridian theory, acupuncture, and acupressure. Nothing unusual about that because on the feet and hands, we have a mapped representation of the organs of the whole body. By stimulating various areas of the feet, hands, and face, we stimulate the internal organs to self-regulate and remove potential energy blockages. Regular foot stimulation and taking care of their “inner softness” will affect the massage of your internal organs, and good energy flow between the organs is a recipe for inner harmony. And that’s what I wish for you!
JASNY – Acupuncture doctor







What do Acupres Boards affect?


    • in reducing tension and improving the flow of energy in the body,
    • in alleviating the effects of stress,
    • regular practice stimulates the secretion organs, respiratory system, supports bladder control and improves bowel function,
    • In better circulation,
    • improve the functioning of the nervous system by opening and unblocking the pathways of nerve stimuli


Your feet are a perfect biomechanical miracle! This is worth appreciating through daily practice. Take care of where you stand and you will see how your well-being and, consequently, your whole life will change. Cheers!

Jasny – Mateusz Jasiński – Acupuncture doctor