Get to know yourself in 5 seconds on the boards of life!



Do you want to try your skills on the boards of life or expand your current experiences?


You are invited to our workshop “Get to Know Yourself in 5 Seconds,” where we will teach you how to stand on nails to relax your body and clear your mind!

No matter if you are young or old, a woman or a man, everyone is welcome to join who wants to discover their power.



This is a perfect opportunity to either try your skills on the nail boards for the first time or deepen your existing abilities. We will guide you step by step on how to work with the boards of life, ultimately allowing you to stand on them and feel the POWER!



“The Boards of Life Workshops” is a unique experience that allows for the release of tensions accumulated in the body, improves the flow of energy, and strengthens the muscle of decisiveness.

Our workshops will help you push the boundaries of pain, feel your body, and enter into deep meditation.



We organize workshops in various locations in Poland and around the world, and we also conduct them during festivals such as Serpiente, Frutamaniana, Wibracje, Kocham Cię, and Dreamersland.


We are also open to collaboration with organizers of various events that involve working with the body, such as yoga schools, martial arts schools, ballet schools, and more.

Our workshop will bring a lot of freshness and emotions into the space.

Benefits of participating in our workshops include:

    • Relaxation of body tensions

    • Improved energy flow

    • Strengthening the muscle of decisiveness

    • Pushing the boundaries of pain

    • Deep meditation



    We also offer the option of working with sounds from Tibetan, crystal, alchemical bowls, gongs, and shells.

    Working with the sounds of these instruments can bring additional benefits, such as:

      • Deepening the meditative experience

      • Release from stress and tensions

      • Deepened emotional and physical healing

      • Improved sleep quality and mental clarity


      Additionally, the sounds of singing bowls, gongs, and other sound therapy instruments can help achieve a state of deep relaxation and inner harmony, leading to improved well-being and health.


      Feel free to follow our social media page to stay updated on our workshops and not miss any opportunities to experience them firsthand.



      “Workshop Discover Yourself in 5 Seconds with Journey Through Sounds”

      We want to introduce and let you experience firsthand the methods that have improved the quality of our lives in every aspect! The workshop is developed based on our experiences working with the body and sound.

      oin us for our transformative workshop!

      JOIN US FOR THE EXCLUSIVE WORKSHOP: ~ TAME THE BEAST WITHIN: ~ Your mind constantly takes control over you! ~ You desire to achieve something but you’re not making progress, unsure why… ~ There’s a blockage within you that has been preventing you from fulfilling your dreams for a long time, and you can’t locate it in any sessions, workshops, or other methods… ~ You want to experience an even deeper sense of self and activate the flow of energy throughout your entire body to manifest and create even faster! ~ You’re searching for a method that will support you in every moment of life, dissolve your blocks, and give you a sense of empowerment in life! ~ Or maybe you just want to relax, get motivated, and experience standing on 800 nails with the support of sound therapy.

      The program of the meeting: Practice of standing on nails and lying on the boards of life with the support of soothing sounds of many instruments 🧘🏼‍♂️

      This workshop will bring your dreams to life because we have discovered that when standing on the stages of life, our minds become completely clear, allowing positive thoughts to align precisely where we desire. And this is what we want to convey to you!

      The workshop aims to empower you to make changes in your life!

      We want you to feel good and at ease! If you have any concerns, we invite you even more, because where your fear and resistance lie, there is also hidden treasure!

      Who is leading?

      Nicoletta Gałęska & Paweł Obolewicz

      Come and feel your power!



      What can you expect from the workshops?






      Glenda Green once said:

      “It is said that the soul longs to experience physicality, which can only be provided by the body. The body longs for immortality, which can only be given by the soul.”