Consumer’s right to withdraw from the Agreement


    1. In accordance with the provisions of the Act on Consumer Rights, the Customer who is a Consumer who has concluded the Agreement (which is a distance agreement within the meaning of the Act on Consumer Rights) may withdraw from it within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the Goods, without giving any reason and without incurring costs, with the exception of the costs specified in the provision of sec. 5 last sentence of this paragraph.
    2. Withdrawal from the Agreement referred to in the provision of sec. 1 of this paragraph, is made by submitting an appropriate statement in writing on the form available on the Online Store Website at the following Internet address: and attaching it to the returned order by e-mail to the following e-mail address – e-mail:
    3. To meet the deadline specified in the provision of sec. 1 of this paragraph, it is enough to send the above statement before its expiry.
    4. The Seller shall immediately send the Customer who is a Consumer a confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal from the Agreement submitted in the manner specified in the provisions of paragraph 1 and 2 of this paragraph, by e-mail to the Customer’s e-mail address from which the declaration of withdrawal was sent, and in the case of sending this declaration by traditional mail – to the Customer’s e-mail address provided when activating the Customer Account or placing the Order.
    5. In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement referred to in the provision of sec. 1 of this paragraph, the Customer should also return the Product together with the packaging unchanged, unless the change is the result of using the Product in a way necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functionality of the Product, to the following address: ul. KOLEJOWA 10, 01-210, WARSAW
      with the note “Sklep – withdrawal from the Agreement”, immediately, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the order. To meet the above deadline, it is enough to send back the Product before its expiry. The return of the shipment with the Product is at the Customer’s expense.
    6. After accepting the return of the Product, the Seller will send the Customer a correcting invoice.
    7. The refund of the amount paid by the Customer as the purchase price of the returned Product will take place immediately, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the returned order together with the withdrawal form, by making a transfer or transfer by the Seller to the account number indicated by the Customer. banking.
    8. The Seller reserves the right to pursue claims for damages on general terms resulting from the provisions of the Civil Code, in the event of damage suffered as a result of the Customer’s failure to fulfill his obligations under the law in connection with withdrawal from the Agreement.
    9. In the event that the Seller and the Customer submit joint declarations of will to terminate the Agreement by mutual agreement, the Customer shall bear all costs of returning the Product to the Seller, and the Seller shall bear all costs related to the reimbursement of fees paid for the Product to the Customer.
    10. The above provisions of this paragraph do not apply to: (a) contracts concluded by Customers other than Consumers, (b) Contracts constituting the basis for the purchase of Products manufactured according to the Consumer’s specifications contained in the Order placed by him or serving to meet his individual needs, marked in the Product Card as a “Product for individual order” and (c) Agreements constituting the basis for the purchase of Products, which after delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably connected with other items, as well as in other cases resulting from applicable law.





    1. The Seller is liable to the Customer who is a Consumer for Defects of the delivered Product. If such a Product Defect is found by the Customer who is a Consumer, he has the right to submit a complaint or by post to the following address: ul. KOLEJOWA 10, 01-210, WARSZAWA or by e-mail to the following e-mail address:
    2. The Seller recommends that the Customer check the delivered Product upon receipt in the presence of the supplier (e.g. carrier, courier, etc.) and in the event of finding any Defects, shortages or damage to the Product, draw up an appropriate report with it, and then immediately notify the Seller of this fact by sending a detailed description of Defects, lack or damage, in the manner specified in the provision of section 1 of this paragraph.
    3. The Seller is obliged to respond to the complaint submitted by the Customer who is a Consumer within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of its receipt by the Seller. A response to the complaint is understood as informing the Customer who is a Consumer about its acceptance or rejection, while the lack of response within the above period does not mean rejection of the complaint. The response to the complaint is provided by the Seller in electronic form to the e-mail address from which the Customer who is a Consumer sent the complaint to the Seller, or to another e-mail address indicated by the Customer who is a Consumer in the complaint.
    4. If the Seller considers the complaint positively, then he collects the Product from the Customer at his own expense, and the Customer is obliged to properly pack and protect the Product under complaint against destruction or damage. In the case of mechanical damage caused during transport to the returned Product, it is recommended that the Customer attach a damage report drawn up at the time of receipt of the Product in the presence of the courier, as well as signed by the courier, if it has been prepared.
    5. After a positive consideration of the complaint, the Product covered by it will be repaired or replaced with another one, free from Defects, as soon as possible. If the repair or replacement with defect-free goods is impossible (for example, due to the fact that the stock of this Product is exhausted), the Seller will refund the Customer the equivalent of the Product price or offer him other Products available in the Store.
    6. Bearing in mind the provision of § 3 sec. 9 of the Regulations, the Seller hereby stipulates that the grounds for the complaint are not, in particular, differences in the appearance of the Products delivered with the ordered Products, viewed on the Website of the Store, which differences may result from other settings (parameters) of the monitor / screen / display of the device, used by the Customer, as well as differences in the actual parameters of the Products.
    7. The above provisions of this paragraph shall apply accordingly if the cause of the complaint is an incorrectly issued invoice (with the exception of provisions regarding the return, exchange or repair of the Product).
    8. The use by the Customer who is a Consumer of the rights described in the provisions of this paragraph does not limit the possibility of exercising the rights described in § 13 of the Regulations, provided that the Product Defects disclosed by the Customer who is a Consumer are covered by the guarantee provided by its producer or manufacturer.
    9. Considering the provision of art. 558 § 1 of the Civil Code, the Seller’s liability under the warranty for Product Defects in relation to Agreements concluded with Customers who are not Consumers is excluded. Store Team




1. All Process products are intended for indoor use.

2. Life boards and accessories should be used in accordance with their design and intended use.

3. Avoid contact of life boards and accessories with sharp-edged objects.

4. Life boards and accessories should be protected from bruising and scratching.

5. Hot items cannot be placed on Life Boards and accessories.

6. Products should be protected from direct sunlight.

7. Do not allow excessive overheating of products: e.g. do not set them at a distance of less than 75 cm from active heat sources.

8. Products should be protected against moisture.

9. Expansion of products in the temperature range: from +15˚C to +30˚C, humidity range: from 40% to 65%



1. The guarantor of the products is the Process company

2. The Guarantor guarantees the quality of workmanship and materials used in the Process products for a period of 24 months, provided that they are used in accordance with their intended use, in conditions not deviating from the typical ones, in accordance with the instructions for use and observing the rules operation, care and maintenance specified in this document.

3. Liability under the warranty covers only defects resulting from reasons inherent in the sold product (resulting from the production process or defects in the raw material).

4. Deviations, e.g. according to a non-standard technology or finish for a given product (e.g. using a varnish other than standard, etc.) are covered by a 1-year warranty.


5. The warranty covers only products located in the territory of the Republic of Poland or the country of the Distributor.


6. After 7 days from the release of the product to the Buyer, claims regarding mechanical damage (scratches, dents, abrasions, dirty upholstery, missing elements, etc.) will not be accepted. In the above unpack the goods, remove the foil and protections in order to exclude mechanical damage. If on the day of delivery there are reservations regarding the delivered product, it is necessary to write down a damage report in the presence of the courier or carrier and send it to the Guarantor together with the complaint.

7. The condition for the warranty repair is the Buyer’s submission of a justified complaint.

8. Filing a complaint does not entitle the Buyer to withhold payment for the product.

9. Complaints should be submitted at the place of purchase of the product together with proof of purchase (invoice or receipt). The complaint should include a description and photos of the defect as well as the complainant’s request. In order to facilitate product identification at the manufacturer, all available information should be provided in the complaint, e.g. production date, order number, product name, configuration, place and date of purchase.

10. The product under complaint should be delivered together with the documents listed in point 9 to the place of purchase.

11. If the complaint is rejected, the product is sent back to the place of purchase at the Buyer’s expense.

12. The condition for accepting the product for complaint is its cleaning, packaging and protection against damage in transport.

13. Refusal to release the product (or its part) for repair in factory conditions, or preventing repair at the Buyer’s premises, means releasing the Guarantor from the performance of warranty obligations and waiving any claims under the warranty.

14. The necessary costs of transporting the defective product are borne by the Guarantor. If there are no grounds to complain about furniture, all costs, including transport and repair costs, shall be borne by the Buyer.

15. The Guarantor will consider the legitimacy of the complaint within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product to which the complaint relates (together with the complaint notification). In the course of examining the complaint, the Guarantor reserves the right to contact (by phone or e-mail) to determine the causes of the defects that are the subject of the complaint.

16. The deadline for repairing the product at the Buyer’s is set by the Guarantor.

17. The Guarantor stipulates that the repair date depends on whether the repair process requires the production of new elements, especially in the case of custom-made furniture.

18. The warranty covers free repair of the product during the warranty period or its replacement if repair is not possible. The manner of removing the defect is specified by the Guarantor.

19. Any replaced defective products or parts become the property of the Guarantor.

20. If the same product is unavailable, the Guarantor may replace it, with the consent of the Purchaser, for another, free from defects, with similar/similar parameters.

21. In the case of replacement of the product with a defect-free one or repair by replacing a product element, the warranty for this product or element runs anew.

22. The Guarantor reserves the right to introduce innovations in products that do not change their durability and functionality.

23. The warranty rights do not include the Buyer’s right to claim lost profits and compensation for any damage caused by product failure.

1. If the product is damaged later than the period covered by the warranty, when it is possible, the Guarantor may send the Buyer the necessary element for a fee or remove the defect with the help of the factory service.



1. Defects resulting from assembly not in accordance with the instructions and use not intended.

2. Damage caused during transport and reloading (does not apply to transport performed by the Guarantor).

3. Use not in accordance with the instructions contained in the instructions for use

4. Damage resulting from extreme climatic conditions or environmental factors

(e.g. acids, moisture, high temperature, etc.).

5. Damage resulting from deviation from standard specifications at the customer’s request.

6. Exploitation wear and tear of veneered or laminated legs and table tops.

7. Differences in the shade of wood, if they come from different production series of the fabric manufacturer

2. the complaint concerns the difference in individual products purchased by the Buyer successively.

8. Damage resulting from improper positioning of the product (e.g. furniture placed on an uneven surface

3. surface or directly next to heating devices, e.g. radiators (gas, oil, electric, water), radiators, heaters, fireplaces, etc.

9. Damage to products caused by placing hot objects on them.

10. Damage to products caused by cleaning with chemical agents in violation

manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance.


11. Damage resulting from prolonged direct exposure to the product

sunlight, e.g. darkening of the veneer

12. Differ in the texture/grain of plywood products and the visible connection of plywood facings.



1. Improper use.

2. Operation of life boards contrary to the intended use and instructions for use.

3. Dirt.

4. Incorrect cleaning and maintenance,

5. Damages and faults caused by animals,

6. Mechanical damage (e.g. scratches, bruises, bruises).

7. repairs by unauthorized persons and/or using non-genuine repair parts


1. Changes that occur naturally during average use.

2. Properties resulting from the type of material used.