Standing on nails is a quite specific practice, and even mentioning it can sound scary. However, if you approach it competently, master the necessary techniques, and study safety measures, you can quickly learn to stand on the Stages of Life with confidence.

The energetic and physiological aspects of life are closely interconnected and have a direct influence on each other. The human body contains a vast number of energy channels, often referred to as meridians, with over 72,000 of them said to exist. Energy constantly circulates through these channels. However, for various reasons, the free flow of energy in the channels can be disrupted. This can lead to processes of stagnation, resulting in imbalances and diseases. All diseases in the body begin with an energy stagnation. Their physical manifestations stem from an energetic level.

The energy channels intertwine with each other, and their intersections are called reflex points. A large number of these points are concentrated on the surface of the feet. During exercises, these points are stimulated, awakening the energy that moves upward through the channels from the feet to the crown of the head. This has a positive impact on the flow of energy and the activity of internal organs. Simply put, it helps eliminate diseases and promotes overall well-being.

Special charts can be used to examine the precise location of energy points on the feet. Each point corresponds to a specific part of the body or internal organ. By stimulating these points, we can work with the entire body and promote its well-being.

The thumb corresponds to the head and brain zone, while the middle of the foot is associated with the digestive system. The center of the heel is known as the insomnia point, and working with it can improve sleep quality. By regularly exercising the feet and stimulating these points, you can invigorate the body and enhance overall well-being. In Korea, China, and many other countries, unique methods of influencing these points have been used for centuries as a complementary approach to traditional medicine in treating various ailments.

In recent years, active research has been conducted on ancient healing methods in modern medicine. The benefits of working with reflex points have been proven in scientific studies. Shanghai Medical University, O’Connor and Bensky, the University of Rochester in the United States, the University of Melbourne, and many other organizations have gathered information and demonstrated the positive impact of reflex point stimulation. Positive dynamics have been confirmed in the treatment of chronic diseases, pain reduction, accelerated tissue healing, and improvement in emotional well-being. In 2018, a study published in the journal JAMA Oncology showed that women with early-stage breast cancer who underwent a course of energy point stimulation experienced a decrease or complete disappearance of pain after six weeks.

Based on these and other studies, the World Health Organization has stated that working with acupuncture points is effective in treating various conditions, ranging from headaches to heart diseases.

Four levels of exposure

The practice of standing on nails has a beneficial impact on many aspects of life. In addition to the physical benefits, it also influences the energetic body. Practicing on the Stages of Life affects the workings of the mind, and an interest in spiritual practices allows for a deeper immersion in this process.

To solve the problem you came to this practice with. From restoring sleep to clearing energy channels. Each person determines the request for himself. Practice on nails is renunciation, a technique of achieving certain goals through self-limitation, self-denial, in this case overcoming pain and fear. Standing (lying) on nails has been used as a method of meditation and healing by Indian yogis and mystics for hundreds of years, as well as by ascetics of various faiths.

Standing on nails is an ancient Indian practice that involves working on both the physiological and psychological levels:

Physiological: It stimulates the nerve endings on the feet, which are connected to internal organs. It enhances overall health and resilience. Nervous tension, fatigue, and psycho-emotional arousal are released. It accelerates the process of exchange within the body.

Psychological: The practice strengthens willpower and helps in controlling the mind and emotions. It induces a state of indifference to physical discomfort. It develops awareness and concentration, allowing us to learn self-control in stressful situations. After deep tension, complete relaxation follows.

  • Pregnancy – by massaging the points on the feet, blood flow is increased. To exclude the tone of the uterus, you do not need to stand on nails during this period.
  • Cancers – The sadhu board acts on the surface of the feet or back in points and has a lymphatic drainage effect – a type of massage technique. However, in the case of cancer, any massage is contraindicated.
  • High temperature – Standing on your nails releases energy and warms your body, which can increase your body temperature even more.
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypertension
  • Open sores on the feet
  • Strokes and heart attacks less than 6 months before practice
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • We do not recommend practicing nails in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases, wait for recovery and exercise for health!

There is no definite answer, because it all depends on the degree of preparation and goals of the practice.

If you are new to nail exercises, try to stand up to 3-5 minutes a day. This is enough to feel comfortable and also support our immune system.

If you are working with an intention (a specific goal or task), practice for 15-20 minutes to 0.5 hour. Only when you are completely relaxed can you get the key to solving a task or achieving a goal.

You don’t have to strive to overcome the pain. Learn to accept it and consciously ignore it. This is one of the important skills you will acquire through the practice of standing. Learn to maintain mental clarity and the ability to achieve goals, regardless of external stimuli. To make it easier for yourself, concentrate on your breathing – breathe deeply and calmly. First a deep breath in, then a slow breath out through your mouth.

Taking care of Life Boards is easy. It is enough to remove dirt after each use with a long-haired brush and wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth. Nails can be periodically disinfected with alcohol-free solutions of mestamidine, miramidine or chlorhexidine. Products containing alcohol can damage the surface of the board. Avoid getting the wooden base of the board wet and direct sunlight, dry the board regularly, store at room temperature and normal humidity level.

Galvanized nails are not prone to rust, copper nails may show a green coating over time which is not dangerous to use.

No, no special physical training is required. All you need is to stretch your feet and tune in to practice. In addition, lying on the nails is easier than standing on them.

Painting the Planks of Life takes from 2 to 4 business days.